The World's Fastest Ocean Liner and Winner of the Coveted Blue Ribband

A Rare Collection of Artifacts from this Historic Ship Will Be Auctioned Soon on Ebay.  We invite you to preview these items and make preliminary inquiries. Links to Ebay auctions will be provided here for your convenience.
The pictured items and many additional artifacts will be sold at auction during 2006, however we may consider serious offers to bypass the auction process.

Hand-drawn, Penciled Deck Plans-
perhaps drawn by William Francis Gibbs?
Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company Construction Blueprints
Official, Confidential Log Books
Including a Complete Log from the Builder's Trials in 1952
The Printing Plate for an Official Photo of the Builders' Trials
(the background to this page, prints may also be available)
First Class Dining Room Lamps
The Bell from the Crow's Nest
An Engine Builder's Plate
Cabin Lamps, etc.
Various Signs
Many Other Items
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You are invited to share in the extraordinary history of this vessel by owning a historic artifact from her construction and service.
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The 'Big U', as the S. S. United States was affectionately called, was launched in 1952 and made history through her celebrated life as an ocean liner crossing the Atlantic and making several cruises.  Built by Gibbs and Cox as a technological marvel, she employed more horsepower and great use of aluminum to achieve record-breaking speed.  Since United States Lines ended her service in 1969, she has been sold several times, the furnishings were sold and she was towed to Turkey and the Ukraine for preparation for a planned re-fitting as a modern cruise ship.  Efforts to restore her to service were made by previous owners Richard Hadley and Marmara Marine.  At present, the S. S. United States is moored in Philadelphia, visible off of I-95, and is owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines, and may yet sail again as an American-flagged cruise ship.

The Blueprints of the S. S. United States

Never has there been a more unique piece of history. You are looking at several of the original construction blueprints for the design and construction of the S.S. United States.
All have the hull number "488-H" of the SS United States on them and/or "US Lines Vessel" (the ship had not been officially named yet), and many are very large.

This blueprint is for the Starboard Propeller, a top secret item during the ship's career, and a stunning investment item.

"Arrangement of Electrical Equipment - Ford (forward) Boiler Room"

"Type Plan Showing Method of Insulating Aux Turbines & Pumps"

"Deck Covering Arrangement, Upper & Promenade Decks"

"1st Class Smoking Room Prom Deck Arrangement"
Look closely, it's actually the Ballroom!

"Novelty Shop Detail, Upper Deck"
The Cabin Class Shop

"Restaurant, Prom Dk."
This is the "private" First Class Restaurant opposite the Navajo Room

Not pictured is a huge blueprint of the entire side (waterline view) of the ship!

Many more Blueprints to be listed soon

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Artifacts and Memorabilia from the Historic Ocean Liner S. S. United States
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